Believe or not? Amazing fix of my Dell D630 Laptop by Baking the Motherboard.

I own a Dell Latitude D630. I purchased on 2007. It’s been problem free for 4 years. Since last year, the boot screen was double with lines through it or not booting at all. something like this:

It worked for a while with connecting to external monitor, then totally stuffed.

After some researches, this problem is fairly well documented as a fault with the nvidia quadro nvs m135 video card. The internal solder becomes brittle with age and causes this exact type of failure. Unfortunately, even though this chip is considered a separate component with it’s own memory, it is installed permanently on the motherboard itself. I don’t think it is worth to replace the motherboard for a such old laptop, then I decided to put it aside.

Recently, while I was researching other thing on youTube, I came across the most curious suggestion for a fix by baking the motherboard for 10 mins at 390 F degree. Initially, I didn’t quite believe it. However, it makes scene that the heat will soften the brittle solder which allows the chip to gently re-seat itself.

Then I decided to give it a shot with nothing to lose. I put the laptop a part and took the motherboard out by following this video clip :

Dell Latitude D630 | Motherboard Replacement | How-To-Tutorial

After that I followed this one to bake the motherboard:

Bake a Dell Latitude D630

Once all done, I reassembled the laptop and it is working beautifully. If you have same problem, it is worth to try.

One more last thing, don’t forget to update the BIOS to latest version:

Dell Latitude D630 BIOS update

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    8 Comments on Believe or not? Amazing fix of my Dell D630 Laptop by Baking the Motherboard.

  1. Andrew says:


    Not so long ago I did this to my D630 as well, but in less than a week, the Nvidia graphics were not working again. :(

    I’m unsure whether to try again as it is a lot of effort, else perhaps I will sell the laptop.

    is your D630 still working?


  2. Armando says:

    I tried the baking process and it didn’t work for me either. I knew it was a long shot, but curiosity got to me. If you have the time, and enjoy taking chances do it. If not just buy a new motherboard and do it only once. Learning experience nevertheless.

  3. Jeff says:

    This totally worked for me when I helped my neighbor’s daughter repair her D630. Thanks for posting the idea and links!

  4. Bruce says:

    Amazing! It worked. Thank you!!

  5. Sam says:

    Had a d630 at work whose display looked exactly like the top photo. Baked it and working fine now. Great video links! Thanks for posting!

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